Quality Assurance

Meet the Expectation, Deliver Quality

Be Proactive, Not Reactive. Test Your System.

Quality Assurance or QA is crucial for business success. Building quality into your process since the early stages is as important as testing your software product before release. Quality Assurance helps you maintain your business reputation and market share.

Testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions.

We leverage our framework and extensive cross-industry experience to put in place the best product quality strategy for your product development and maintenance needs. Using a range of tools from proprietary to open source, we design, document, and execute tests for your existing application. In the process we maintain a continually growing regression suite. At the same time, we embed into your agile development process to design and execute behavior-driven acceptance tests, ensuring stakeholder satisfaction.

Can you imagine adding value to your team, even when you’re not there?
Let Enroute join you in QA & Testing, to assure your strategy is optimized for cost and efficiency.

Requirements Governance

Most product quality problems derive from when requirements are initially established. Holistically, these issues make up a majority of total cost. From a well-governed process, you can achieve completeness, clarity, non-redundancy, relevance, priority, and added business value. Enroute works with you to establish requirements governance in your projects, based on our framework, and tailored to your goals and needs.

Testing an Existing Product

You maintain applications that support your business. You want to make sure they are appropriately tested, inclusive of regression-testing as new functionalities are added. Our experts develop a coverage framework, so that you have quantitative data that helps your organization make the right decisions on product quality.

Testing a New Product

Your company has evolving business needs, providing users with the solutions they demand, at a rapid pace. You embrace agile practices, and our test specialists embed into your agile process. We discuss user stories, design behavior-driven tests, and enable your team to deliver the best user experience with Acceptance Test Driven Development. Behavior-driven tests are automated, so they become part of your continuous delivery strategy.

Test Automation

Our test specialists make sure you optimize your resources by working with you to prioritize functionalities on your existing applications towards an automated regression suite. For new features, our test specialists develop automated, behavior-driven tests that eventually become an automated regression suite. Combining both types of automated tests, you get a powerful and efficient use of your automation resources.

Performance Testing

Your applications need to perform under different workload scenarios. Whether you need to maintain a sustainable operation for high volumes of users, transactions, or data – we can help. We use the latest tools to assess your system’s capability to operate under your required parameters.


Our Nearshore Delivery Center in Monterrey Mexico is equipped with both physical and methodological infrastructures to ensure success. We offer our customers a delivery model on which money can be saved without sacrificing quality in both the end result and the delivery process.

By utilizing our enterprise grade infrastructure situated in Central US time, distance become seamless and budgets are spent more efficiently.

Chief Information Officer / Software Development Company

“Enroute has been delivering QA & Testing services to us under a Nearshore Model successfully. It is always a challenge to work effectively while being in a different location. But using their pre-defined frameworks has proven to be valuable.”