Data Management

Turn insight into action

Turning insight into action.

Data Management -We leverage our experience to holistically approach your Data Management strategy, coordinating people and business processes as well as technological advancements. We help companies harness the tools and processes necessary to keep their data viable using our frameworks.

Whether it’s data strategy, governance, cleansing or architecture – our success shows through client satisfaction in Banking, Oil & Gas, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare industries. Simply, we know how to turn your data into a strategic asset and manage it through its lifecycle. From Big Data to Master Data Management (MDM), our services are bundled with scalable resources and deep expertise required to continually create and maintain information across the enterprise.

Are you capitalizing on your Data?
With Enroute, start to unlock the value of data capital.


Having a holistic view of your Master Data across all your systems is essential. Within your master data are hidden opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs, facilitate collaboration, and streamline operations.

Enroute has expertise in governance processes, standards, best practices, people and systems to help you define and implement a viable MDM strategy. Allow our experienced MDM experts to place back trust in your master data and decisions.


From design to production, we’ve got your back. Enroute knows the value of measuring your success through the right KPIs. Your success is our concern, and we want to provide you the dashboard to view the data the way you need to make the best decisions.

We can support you on your brand new Business Intelligence initiative, from knowledge extraction to defining KPIs through analysis, design, and development. Whether it is a data warehouse or other reporting solutions, we’ll walk with you end to end.

Big Data

Enroute has digested the complexity of Big Data technologies and can help you access and analyze large amounts of data from different sources and use it to improve decision-making process, optimize performance and create new business opportunities.

We make sure you have a supporting business case and a clear strategy for application, data quality, supporting processes and organization.

Data Migrations

Whether it is moving from one platform to another or upgrading your current platform, Enroute has the experts that can help you migrate your data accurately and consistently. If you embark on a data migration project, you’re guaranteed to run into one or more data challenges during the journey.

Enroute data management solutions ensure that the migration of your data, a company’s most strategic asset, remains smooth.

Data Cleansing

Enroute knows that decisions are only as good as the data behind them. We start with a Data Cleansing strategy to help achieve your data requirements. We cleanse your data and make sure it is ready for use in a fast-paced environment.

Our experts can provide flexible, scalable and efficient data extractions to overcome your data challenges. We have the knowledge and manpower to deliver a cost-effective solution, while providing a successful strategy.


Enroute collaborates with our clients during the implementation of the right ETL processes and data quality assurance to get the most reliable data possible. ETL is instrumental to access a variety of data sources and big data, and extract all type of data sets including non-structured, geo-mapping, demographics and social data.

Our consultants have expertise across Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools that are effective in extracting and uniting data across sources and deliver meaningful data where required.


Our Nearshore Delivery Center in Monterrey Mexico is equipped with both physical and methodological infrastructures to ensure success. We offer our customers a delivery model on which money can be saved without sacrificing quality in both the end result and the delivery process.

By utilizing our enterprise grade infrastructure situated in Central US time, distance become seamless and budgets are spent more efficiently.

Chief Information Officer / Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturer

“Enroute it is about integrity and delivering value. They have a great balance of both Industry and Technical knowledge, coupled with real life experience to understand how projects need to be managed. They delivered constant updates on defined metrics and gave me all the visibility I required to make the right decisions.”

Our Framework

Data is our science. Enroute data management solutions are what we’ve been founded on, and our experience and expertise shows through all the way. Enroute harnesses an ability to get our heads around any data challenge, identify what’s needed, and then execute a solution.