Maintain five products: Player Web/UI/UX, Player Platform, Data/Analytics, Backend (API) and SDK’s and they needed help to guarantee a high level of quality for all of their users/consumers. Also, they needed to augment their capability to help their software development team increase their bandwidth and deliver more features, faster with the Quality Assurance best practices.

Main issue

Bring new skills, knowledge, and bandwidth to:
  • Deliver more features, speeding up the process such as Implement and improve Progressive Playback, maintain, and improve product quality.
  • Improve QA Engineering process and framework
  • Define, implement and govern QA Engineering Standards
  • Implement End-to-End testing
  • Reduce Test Cycles
  • Enroute’s solutions

    Why Enroute?
  • Ad Tech Expertise (HLS, HTML5, Dash, Shaka and Flash, VAST, Googima, Freewheel, and DAI) Video Engineering Expertise
  • Software Engineering Expertise
  • QA Engineering Expertise
  • Demonstrable track record

  • QA side
  • Create Test Plan
  • Create new Test Framework
  • Create new Test Strategy
  • Built new structures and new scripts
  • Build new dashboards
  • Build an end-to-end testing
  • Added new Features such as: Recommendations, DAI project, Localization and also Background Loading Best
  • Practices for the QA process:
  • Add test coverage
  • Reduce flaky test

  • DEV side
  • Native android video SDKs based on exoplayer.javascript players embedded in webviews.
  • OTT Platforms like fireTV, Android TV, chrome cast, Roku.
  • Processing of adaptive streaming MPEG-DASH & HLS with different containers, captions & subtitles, DRM & content protection, metadata.
  • Advertising: OMSDK, VAST, VMAP, VPAID. VAST Wrappers, MRAID, tracking pixels, video events. Added progressive playback
  • Business Impact

  • Faster TTFF at startup (independent of background loading)
  • Less time spent between seeking and seeked events
  • Time spent in LOADING state should decrease
  • Live streaming latency can be significantly reduced without an impact on stall rates Fewer bugs reported following stabilization
  • Faster developer velocity when making Hls.js changes Error rates are reduced following stabilization
  • Especially with regards to live-drm streaming
  • Stall rates are reduced
  • Existing HLS.js bugs are fixed Innovation in the Market Helping the company to grow