Ingesting and Digesting Big Data

Our client is a state agency that is growing at a fast pace and wanted to implement a platform to help them store, share and analyze data on a secure environment.

The Challenge

  • The agency was looking for a platform to keep the information stored meaningful way that help them improve the speed and reliability of their decisions
  • Because most of the information was confidential. The information have to be stored on a secure way
  • The IT expertise of the agency was limited

Enroute’s Solution

  • Enroute helped the client identify data owners, data formats and data sources
  • Enroute installed new servers and required software at client site
  • Enroute configured the rack to work Hadoop based cluster
  • We created the parsers needed to automatically ingest the data the agency required
  • We created the visualizations needed by the agency to easily access their data on a meaningful way

Business Impact

  • By the end of the project the agency was able to search through all their data on a simple and meaningful way
  • By the end of the project the users were able to greatly reduce the time required to gather the information to take their decisions

Rafael Sanchez
May 01, 2016