Enroute to Master Data Management

Material Masters for the Wells organization were not fully migrated to the company’s integrated solution. This presented multiple challenges for the company, having records in their integrated solution, outside of the standard solution and an uncertainty in terms of inventory counts.

Client Challenges

  • Records in Backbone were in non-backbone virtual plants and storage locations
  • Records in Backbone were previously loaded without meeting MDM standards
  • Non-backbone records existed in different legacy systems, spreadsheets and there was no visibility of its physical location in the warehouse
  • Around 40,000 material masters existed in legacy SAP and had to be either converted to backbone or re-created in a period of 6 months.

Enroute Solution

  • Assessment to determine the amount of material masters in legacy that had to be migrated to Backbone (MMs with inventory, used in the last 5 years, with open POs and equipment records).
  • After the assessment, this set was reviewed to determine which ones were already in Backbone without the client’s realization.
  • A subset of 20,000 material masters existing in legacy SAP, was converted to Backbone and cleansed to meet MDM standards as it was more efficient in terms of time and resources to convert the records than to create newly in the MDM portal.
  • A set of ~7,000 material masters were cleansed and created newly in the MDM portal as this were not existing in SAP legacy.
  • Inventory walk downs were arranged to determine the exact count and physical location of the materials.
  • Inventory was moved virtually to Backbone plants and storage location once the correct inventory amount and location was recorded in the system.

Business Impact

  • All reported inventory available in Backbone as required by client’s upper management.
  • Complete visibility of inventory including location, ownership, physical counts and condition.
  • MDM compliant records allowed end users to select the correct material master.
  • Reduction in inventory by ~30% due to duplications between legacy and backbone systems.
  • No further transactions have to be executed outside of the Backbone, as required by upper management.

Lucy Ortega
February 24, 2015