What we offer


Be proactive, not reactive. Test your system.

Quality Assurance or QA is crucial for business success. Building quality into your process since the early stages is as important as testing your software product before release. Quality Assurance helps you maintain your business reputation and market share.

Testing Practice has a unique combination of skilled software engineering & testing teams with proven expertise in testing tools and methodologies for a wide range of solutions.

We leverage our framework and extensive cross-industry experience to put in place the best product quality strategy for your product development and maintenance needs. Using a range of tools from proprietary to open source, we design, document, and execute tests for your existing application. In the process we maintain a continually growing regression suite. At the same time, we embed into your agile development process to design and execute behavior-driven acceptance tests, ensuring stakeholder satisfaction

More Than Just Development.

When deciding on a Software Development project, it’s important to have the technological insight and understanding to validate your path forward. Enroute’s tailored approach evaluates your existing business systems and helps identify the software requirements you need to reach your business goals.

Enroute provides you with an analysis that will guide future software development and help implement a development strategy to meet your long-term needs. We can also pick up where you’ve started, or join you to help you accomplish what you’ve already envisioned.

It’s more than just development, we strive to understand your business so we can create solutions that impact your organization and user experience.

Take back control over what is yours.

Inventory Management is a critical element to your business. All of your inventory needs to be positioned in the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity. The difficulty is balancing and satisfying all of these needs, while working in a live system.

Enroute can analyze your inventory to ensure accurate demand planning and financial control of what you own – nothing more, nothing less. We provides end-to-end solutions for your inventory and supply chain needs, assuring that once we’ve created visibility of your inventory, we can then standardize the procurement process and optimize material management.

Turning insight into action.

Data Management -We leverage our experience to holistically approach your Data Management strategy, coordinating people and business processes as well as technological advancements. We help companies harness the tools and processes necessary to keep their data viable using our frameworks.

Whether it’s data strategy, governance, cleansing or architecture – our success shows through client satisfaction in Banking, Oil & Gas, Retail, Insurance and Healthcare industries. Simply, we know how to turn your data into a strategic asset and manage it through its lifecycle. From Big Data to Master Data Management (MDM), our services are bundled with scalable resources and deep expertise required to continually create and maintain information across the enterprise.

Providing you a complete solution.

In today’s environment, your business is highly dependent on your IT systems and applications. Applications Maintenance and Support assures that your applications run smoothly and users remain happy. We focus on sustaining and enhancing the value of your applications. Our pre-defined SLAs will be tailored to meet your unique needs. At Enroute, we’ll seamlessly maintain and support your business-critical applications to meet business demands – all while providing security.


“I have worked with both their onsite and nearshore delivery models and have nothing but good things to say. Enroute delivered a cost effective solutions to us”

John J. Operations Manager Fortune 500 Company